Caseworker Resources

There are many resources to help you meet your goals.
Youth in Care

  • The NYS Higher Education Resource Directory contains a variety of statewide resources and has been developed to help those working with youth in care to pursue higher education. 
  • The Adolescent Services and Outcomes web site is a place where you will find some of the most current state and federal resources on services to youth in foster care and former youth in foster care
  • The Adolescent Services Resource Network (ASRN) consists of a network of three training centers providing training and support in all regions across the state.
  • Foster Parent Handbook
  • Video: Caseworker’s Handbook to Higher Education
  • Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (CFCIP) provides funding to pay for services to help youth prepare for and enter postsecondary education. Some of these services include academic support services, including educational and career assessment and counseling, tutorial and mentoring services, examination preparation, SAT/ACT/PSAT fees, applications for admission to college, visits to colleges and clothing for college interviews. Be sure to check with your caseworker to see if you are eligible for any of these funds.
  • New Yorkers for Children is the non-profit partner to Children's Services. They support the child welfare community as a whole, as well as those programs that focus on the individual needs of young people in foster care. They have programs including scholarships, tutoring programs, job training and networking opportunities. Through their programs and initiatives they aim to positively impact youth in foster care in New York City.
  • Casey Family Programs has published It's My Life: Financial Aid and the It’s My Life: Postsecondary Education and Training Guide, which provide recommendations, strategies, and resources for improving college access and retention for students from foster care. It is available for free by emailing PostsecondaryEdGuide.
  • Youth Belong Here: A guide to assist workers helping youth in care achieve academic success