Youth in Care Corner

Are YOU a youth in care wondering about the possibility of going to college? Do you have questions that need answers?

This corner is for youth in out-of-home placement and specifically addresses your needs in exploring a higher education. Wherever you may be in your educational journey this site has the answers that you need! This includes everything from the application process, what to expect in college or training, all the way to paying for college. This site is set up to help you communicate with others who have been in foster care and have successfully made it to college and even graduated. You can hear stories of their journeys and learn from firsthand experiences. Youth in care, we care for you! Let the journey begin!

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Be sure to share this site with the supportive adults in your life!  They can help you use the information and resources here to further your college and career goals

Youth in Care
I am a Youth in Care
I'm Getting Ready
I Didn’t Do It Alone
How Do I Apply?
How Do I Pay For College?
I Did It
Paying for Higher Education
Paying for Higher Education
It's possible to graduate from college debt-free if you take advantage of these resources!
Posters for downloading
Download and print posters in PDF format, 8.5 x 11 inches.
Podcasts for Helping Youth in Care Be Successful in College
Podcasts for Helping Youth in Care Be Successful in College
Podcasts for Helping youth in care get the supplies and support they need for college life.

Youth in foster care do not always have an easy road to college. And once there they face issues unique to their experience. Join us for a series of video podcasts that offer suggestions to college staff to help these amazing youth achieve their goal of a college education.
Resource Guide
Resource Guide
Help youth in care pursue higher education with a variety of statewide resources found in the On-line Resource Directory.
Videos for Caseworkers
Videos For Caseworkers
These videos contain information that should be part of the Caseworkers Handbook. It covers how you help to make the difference for a Youth in Care from grade 6 to grade 12.
Youth Belong Here Guide
Youth Belong Here Guide
Use the Youth Belong Here Guide to assist workers helping youth in care achieve academic success.